Catalan – Generalitat de Catalunya

The Generalitat de Catalunya has, amongst their language policy objectives, a system of testing and certification in the Catalan language by means of examinations. It implements its examination policy through two official bodies: the General Directorate for Language Policy, as part of Ministry of Culture within Catalonia, and the Institut Ramon Llull outside the Catalan-speaking area. The General Directorate is also responsible for developing programs of Catalan courses for adults and establishing appropriate tools for the learning and use of Catalan. The Institut Ramon Llull, in turn, is a consortium, the major member of which is the Generalitat de Catalunya, which promotes the study and teaching of the Catalan language in universities and other learning centres around the world. The Institute is responsible for assessing and providing certification of students’ knowledge of Catalan outside the Catalan-speaking area. For more information, visit and or contact Àngels Guerrero Nàjar via email address: