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ALTE is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), based in England, registered charity number 1184799. It has a constitution and a number of other governing documents. ALTE transitioned from its previous legal status, an EEIG (European Economic Interest Grouping) to a CIO in 2019.

Council of Members

As its name indicates, the Council of Members consists of one official representative of each full member organisation.  The member also has a voting representative, who votes in ALTE matters on behalf of the full member organisation. The voting representative may be the same person as the official representative, but does not need to be. 

The ALTE Council of Members usually meets once per year in the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to discuss the present and future of the association.  Other non-voting members of ALTE may also attend the AGM. 


The ALTE Secretary-General is directly elected by the Council of Members among the representatives of ALTE Full Members. The Secretary-General is an ex-officio trustee of the charity, and ensures that ALTE's strategic aims are achieved in the most efficient way. 

Dr. Nick Saville (Cambridge University Press and Assessment) is the current ALTE Secretary-General (Term expires Nov 2025).

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest elected body and has legal responsibility for the charity. Members of the Board (Trustees) are elected by the Full Members to represent the interests of the association. Trustees must be employees of Full Member organisations, or Individual Expert Members. Individual Expert Members (marked *) may not constitute more than half of the Board.

The trustees make decisions on behalf of the Council of Members. For example, they approve the annual accounts, approve applications for new Members, and review the ALTE governing documentation as necessary.  The Board closely supports the work of the ALTE Secretariat, and ensures the best allocation of ALTE funds.

The current trustees are:

Waldemar Martyniuk (Uniwersytet Jagiellonski w Krakowie) (Chair) (Term expires November 2025)

Emyr Davies (WJEC-CBAC Cyd-Bwyllgor Addysg Cymru) (Term expires November 2026)

Stefanie Dengler (Goethe Institut) (Term expires November 2025)

Vincent Folny (France Éducation International) (Term expires November 2025)

Anne Gallagher (Centre for Irish Language: Research, Teaching and Testing, National University of Ireland)* (Term expires November 2025)

Barry O'Sullivan (British Council)* (Term expires November 2025)

José Pascoal (University of Macau)* (Term expires November 2025)

Sibylle Plassmann (telc gGmbH) (Term expires November 2026)

Lorenzo Rocca (Società Dante Alighieri)* (Term expires November 2025)

The Secretary-General, Nick Saville (Cambridge University Press and Assessment) is an ex-officio trustee.

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee is an elected body of experts on language assessment and managing examinations. Committee members are elected among the representatives of ALTE Full Members.  Committee members must be employees of Full Member organisations, or Individual Expert Members. Individual Expert Members (marked *) may not constitute more than half of the number of members of the Standing Committee.

The Standing Committee ensures the quality and fairness of the ALTE auditing system by:

  • Reviewing each audit and the final outcome;
  • Approving the awarding of the ALTE Q-mark;
  • Identifying issues that audited institutions need to address;
  • Overseeing auditor and auditee orientation, training and standardisation.
The current members of the Standing Committee are:

Vincent Folny (France Éducation International) (Chair) (First term expires November 2026)

Dina Vilcu (BBU-RCI Consortium for Testing Romanian as a Foreign Language) (Deputy Chair) (First term expires Feb 2024)

Stefanie Dengler (Goethe Institut) (First term expires February 2025)

Ina Ferbežar (Univerza v Ljubljani) (Second term expires November 2026)

Javier Fruns Giménez (Instituto Cervantes) (First term expires September 2025)

Marta García García (Universidad de Salamanca) (First term expires November 2024)

Cecilie Hamnes Carlsen (Western Norway University of Applied Sciences)* (First term expires February 2024)

Waldemar Martyniuk (Uniwersytet Jagiellonski w Krakowie) (First term expires November 2026)

José Pascoal (University of Macau)* (First term expires November 2026)

Danilo Rini (CVCL - Università per Stranieri Perugia) (First term expires October 2026)

Lorenzo Rocca (Società Dante Alighieri)* (First term expires November 2026)

Cathy Taylor (Trinity College London)* (Second term expires January 2025)

Kateřina Vodičková (Charles University Prague) (Second term expires September 2025)

+1 vacant place

ALTE Secretariat

The ALTE Secretariat manages the day-to-day running of the association following the advice and decisions of the Board of Trustees and the Standing Committee. They also organise all ALTE meetings, conferences, the auditing system and training courses, and assist with any membership queries and general enquiries. The Services Unit and Validation Unit are two separate units within ALTE.

ALTE Secretariat Manager

Graham Seed

Graham Seed is the current ALTE Secretariat Manager, and he is responsible for the overall management of the Secretariat as well as the strategic planning, communications and partnerships.

ALTE Secretariat Coordinator

Mariangela Marulli

Mariangela Marulli is the ALTE Secretariat Coordinator, and she ensures the smooth running of ALTE events, including logistics, finance and daily correspondence with ALTE Members, partners and service providers. 

ALTE Services Unit Manager

Kasia Woźniak

Kasia Woźniak manages the ALTE Services Unit, overseeing the delivery of the courses, training and audit functions together with additional consultancy services.

ALTE Services Unit Administrator

Sarah Wall

Sarah Wall provides administrative assistance for the ALTE Services Unit, in its delivery of courses, training and consultancy, as well as helping the Secretariat at peak times. 

ALTE Validation Unit Manager

Jane Lloyd

Jane Lloyd runs the ALTE Validation Unit, which was set up to assist ALTE Members with the statistical validation of their examinations. 

ALTE Audit and Membership Coordinator

Helen Garside

Helen Garside coordinates the Q-Mark auditing system for Full Members and applicant members, liaising with the Standing Committee, QMS Working Group and ALTE's team of Auditors. Helen also oversees processing of applications for Full and Associate Membership.

ALTE Communications Manager

Sabine Edwards

ALTE's social media is managed by Sabine Edwards from Pendleton Events Ltd. Sabine is responsible for raising the profile of ALTE and engaging with both members and non-members across the different social media channels: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Sabine also manages Pendleton Events, a full service event management agency which helps ALTE run its International Conferences. 

 ALTE - the Association of Language Testers in Europe is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), registered in England, charity number 1184799.

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