International conference proceedings

In addition to our biannual conference days, ALTE arranges larger, international conferences every three years on issues surrounding language testing. So far six very successful international conferences have been held. The proceedings of these conferences are available here.

   6th International Conference - Bologna

   Learning and Assessment: Making the Connections - Conference Proceedings (ALTE, 2017)

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5th International Conference - Paris

Language Assessment for Multilingualism: Proceedings of the ALTE Paris Conference, April 2014 (editors: Coreen Docherty and Fiona Barker, 2016)

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4th International Conference - Kraków

Exploring Language Frameworks: Proceedings of the ALTE Kraków Conference, July 2011 (editors: Evelina Galaczi and Cyril Weir, 2013)

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3rd International Conference - Cambridge

Language Testing Matters: Investigating the wider social and educational impact of assessment - Proceedings of the ALTE Cambridge Conference, April 2008 (editors: Lynda Taylor and Cyril Weir, 2009)

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2nd International Conference - Berlin

Multilingualism and Assessment: Achieving transparency, assuring quality, sustaining diversity - Proceedings of the ALTE Berlin Conference, May 2005 (editors: Lynda Taylor and Cyril Weir, 2008)

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1st International Conference - Barcelona

European Language Testing in a Global Context: Proceedings of the ALTE Barcelona Conference July 2001 (editors:  Michael Milanovic and Cyril Weir) (2004)

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