RESOURCES - free guides and reference materials

ALTE has produced many guides and reference materials, in a range of languages. They are all free to download. 

Additional language versions:

We would like to provide our resources in as many languages as possible. If you are able to provide a version of a document in another language, please contact the ALTE Secretariat.

Manual for Language Test Development and Examining

The "Manual for Language Test Development and Examining" was produced by ALTE on behalf of the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe. This manual is for use with the CEFR and it is available in BasqueDutch, French and German.

Language tests for access, integration and citizenship: an outline for policy makers

This booklet was produced by the LAMI SIG on behalf of the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe. It is currently also available in Italian and Finnish.

Procedures for Auditing (PfA)

The PfA was produced by the QMS Working Group and contains all the detailed procedures for auditors and for organisations being audited.

ALTE Framework

The ALTE Framework shows whether an exam of our member organisations has the Q-Mark, following a successful audit. The Q-Mark is a quality indicator which ALTE Members can use to show that their exams have passed a rigorous ALTE audit and meet the 17 ALTE Minimum Standards (see below). The Q-Mark allows test users to be confident that an exam is backed by appropriate processes, criteria and standards.

Minimum Standards

ALTE has established a set of common standards for its members’ exams, which cover all stages of the language testing process: test development; task and item writing; test administration; marking and grading; reporting of test results; test analysis; and reporting of findings.  See our Setting Standards page for more information. Our 17 Minimum Standards are available in a range of languages. 

Content Analysis Checklists

Development and descriptive checklists for tasks & examinations:

General Checklist

Reading Checklist

Writing Checklist

Listening Checklist

Speaking Checklist

Structural Competence Checklist

Code of Practice

ALTE's Code of Practice sets useful guidelines for language testing. It is available in a range of languages.




ALTE Materials for the guidance of test item writers

This set of materials was designed to help in training anyone who is involved in any part of the process of developing, writing, administering and reporting the results of tests of a language learned as a foreign language.

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